Couples Therapy

Paradoxically, we have more freedom and choice in our relationships than previous generations and yet we seem to have more problems in our relationships than ever before.    We may no longer need to follow the pattern of our parents but how do we find meaningful ways of relating with our partner that satisfy us individually?

You and your partner may want some help and guidance on how to improve issues around:

  • Intimacy;
  • Communicating with each other;
  • Working through a crisis;
  • Issues around children;
  • Step and “blended” family conflicts;
  • Moving on after an affair;
  • Reaching Landmark Life stages;
  • Retirement.

You might feel that you need some help communicating with your partner when:

  • Talking to your partner feels as though you are hitting a brick wall;
  • Your conversations go around in never-ending circles;
  • You feel frustrated and confused even after you have talked for an hour;
  • Certain subjects become “no-go zones”.    You feel like you are walking on egg shells;
  • Every discussion on anything personal becomes a shouting match.

The good news is that couple therapy can change things quickly.   Looking at the patterns of how you relate can enable you to resolve issues and renew your connection with each other.  You can even discover a deeper relationship to the one you had before.

Of course, inevitably some marriages/relationships cannot be saved and divorce or relationship break-up is the only way forward.  However, divorce doesn’t have to be acrimonious!!!    Remember that even after divorce or separation, especially when children are involved, lines of communication will usually need to be maintained.   Exploration of feelings of resentment, anger, sadness and grief, either alone or as a couple can enable you to make a better ending.   The trauma of divorce doesn’t need to effect future generations.